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LIPOBIND™ factsheet

LIPObind™ is one of the UK’s best-selling natural fat-binders - proven as an effective tool for aiding weight management when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.


LIPObind™ contains Litramine™, a patented natural fibre made from dried cactus extract that has been shown in clinical studies to bind up to a third of fats from food.

Who will benefit from taking LIPObind™?
• Adult women and men with a BMI above 18.5 who want to reduce their body weight or are worried about their fat intake
• Adult women and men who want to actively maintain a healthy body weight
• Those wanting to make changes in dietary intake to help maintain long-term health

How does LIPObind™ work?

• Binds Fat: Taken after food, LIPObind™ immediately attaches to dietary fats in the stomach. This creates a fat-fibre complex that is too large to be absorbed, after which it is simply passed out of the body.
• Minimises food cravings: In addition to binding fat, LIPObind™ helps to reduce food cravings. The soluble fibers in LIPObind™ swell in water and trap food, which slows down digestion and reduces blood sugar spikes. Consequently, the desire to eat is reduced and replaced by a feeling of fullness.

What evidence is there that LIPObind™ works?
LIPObind™ is supported by a clinical research programme, including double-blind placebo controlled studies, which prove its efficacy in reducing the amount of fat absorbed by the body. 

The most recent study showed a statistically significant increase in fat excretion after intake of LIPObind™ in comparison to a placebo i.e. undigested fat that has been passed out naturally by the body. The test showed an average reduction in body weight of 0.72kg in 3 days, compared to no change in the placebo group. 80 per cent also experienced moderate or strong feelings of satiety, while none of the subjects in the placebo group reported similar feelings.

How should LIPObind™ be used?
Take LIPObind™ immediately after meals.  See attached PDF file for more details.

LIPObind costs £29.95 for 60 tablets and is available online at www.lipobind.co.uk or by calling 0808 124 0001.  LIPObind is also available from high street retailers including Boots and Holland & Barrett.


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