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Atul Srivastava

Atul Srivastava is an ecology expert with broad hands-on experience in the environmental sector. Follow him each day on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ecoexperttv 
We have not set any dates for Atul Srivastava's next Q&A webchat

Diana Moran

And stretch………TV’s original fitness guru, Diana Moran, aka The Green Goddess, is an all round television and radio personality with a career that has embraced success in many areas. . Diana was the first person to launch Breakfast Television in the UK and her successful career as a fitness guru has spanned four decades. Diana is currently filming and producing "Easy Fit" DVD for general release in January 2010.

We have not set any dates for Diana Moran's next Q&A webchat

Ginette Sibley

As a professionally trained Image Consultant and affiliate of the Federation of Image Consultants, Ginette’s natural flair, passion and enthusiasm for branding also enables her clients to revise and maximise their personal image to create a distinctive and memorable brand.
We have not set any dates for Ginette Sibley's next Q&A webchat

Judith Leary- Joyce - Life Change Expert

Judith had a 20 year career as a psychotherapist before turning her hand to business where she helped top companies turn around their fortunes by building the all important relationships that deliver results. So, if you feel you’re at a crossroads in your life – work, love, relationships, empty nest or leaving home for the first time – you’re at that ‘life change’ point. Then that’s when you need Judith.

Follow Judith each day on Twitter: http://twitter.com/changeeexperttv

We have not set any dates for Judith Leary- Joyce - Life Change Expert's next Q&A webchat

Jules Standish - Colour Consultant

Jules is a professional colour and image consultant who transforms women’s looks and wardrobes in an inexpensive and effective way.  Jules’s colour approach is both holistic and scientific being based on genetics and psychology, looking at each individual’s personality as well as discovering skin tone through looking into the eyes and colour draping.  Discover what colours you should be wearing and the correct shades of cosmetics to bring out the best of your features (make up is purely organic). Jules has seen transformational results over the years, helping women to look younger, healthier and as a result happier and more confident.  Combine the right colours with clothes for individual body shapes and the results can be life changing; a once in a lifetime experience and a great investment in your future!

For more information about Colour and Style go to www.colourconsultancy.co.uk

We have not set any dates for Jules Standish - Colour Consultant's next Q&A webchat

Liz Barclay - Founder www.moneyagonyaunt.com

Liz Barclay is one of the most recognised voices on British radio today with her common sense approach to money and finance on  BBC Radio 4's “You and Yours”.
If you need advice on managing your money; getting out of debt; the answer to whether there's life after bankruptcy; or what happens when you lose your home – Liz Barclay provides the no nonsense sense!
We have not set any dates for Liz Barclay - Founder www.moneyagonyaunt.com's next Q&A webchat

Lucy Case – fitness guru

Lucy is a qualified Personal Trainer – qualified in a range of disciplines: from Aqua to Core work, from Pilates to weight management. Lucy has taught fitness sessions for ten years and specialises in the skill of teaching those with limited movement capability, beginners or those new to fitness.
We have not set any dates for Lucy Case – fitness guru's next Q&A webchat
PrimeTimeLife Technician  

Luke Doonan - www.propertyexpert.tv

Luke Doonan is a property developer with a difference. Unlike developers of the past – He is young enough to the know how difficult it is to start out in the world of property – but old enough to know his way around the block and understand the complexities of the property world!
We have not set any dates for Luke Doonan - www.propertyexpert.tv's next Q&A webchat

Tony Fitzpatrick - www.primetimelife.tv Webmaster

Tony Fitzpatrick is the Webmaster for www.primetimelife.tv .
We have not set any dates for Tony Fitzpatrick - www.primetimelife.tv Webmaster's next Q&A webchat

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