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unlike beginning generation main war personal
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:16 am    Post subject: unlike beginning generation main war personal Reply with quote

xistence for the sake of the Zhao, its bottom Yun affirms not weaker than Hong each clan of Huang, otherwise concerning the Hong Huang sea in the world quantity inborn magic weapon the day after tomorrow work Deshaun Watson Navy Blue Jersey properly the treasure extremely valued fairy gold the fairy greatly can how can make uncertain only an outside star different clan.
"Is alas, Hong Huang three boundary six outside star different clans this Hun water well deep, I have to hurriedly resume real strenght."Xu Tian Yi claps forehead, displeased not already, " ah, forgot to ask the Deshaun Watson Red Jersey old distance this center of earth first floor the entrance of the second floor is where, however seeing to the old distance should not know the circumstance of center of earth first floor world and otherwise fall to in the sea can't be the facial expression for hasing narrow escape from death, either, is still that oneself slowly seek."
On connecting Deshaun Watson White Jersey for few days, Xu Tian changed greater half the world in the sea, discover center of earth first floor limitless amplitude, whole basic is an ocean, light it ocean area the unlike Earth surface is small, the oddity is very.
"Really don't know is what kind miraculous composing, clearly want to be a turn smaller than the Earth in the underground be, seem another star sky star, Hong Huang really not with any rings, also no wonder that the outside star different clan want to invade, however the entrance passage of the bottom center of earth second floor world is where exactly?"
Xu Tian has Marshawn Lynch Women Jersey some worried, keep on consuming so isn't a way, center of earth first floor unlike Earth earth's surface in the world, ocean in the existence is piecemeal a great deal of living creature, also distribute some group of islandses, but have no each general situation dint organization group to station, the food clear water is all enough, pour food and clothing also without the sorrow.
Feel some hunger Marshawn Lynch Youth Jersey and thirsts, Xu Tian lands to arrive in a group of islands and sees Gu stand erect one in zero zero islands stub colorful fruit tree, up knot beautiful very of fruit, can not help saliva direct current, checked to explore some kind of, don't feel what dangerous, all is calm in the world of these days of whole sea, there is no risk.
When Xu Tian wants to take off fruit, the islet suddenly sways to move and bomb Long Long of huge ring circumspect, the world of sea seethes.
A head of dimensionless huge turtle starts to float from the sea.
"The Xuan Marshawn Lynch Black Jersey night absolute being turtle, two boundary absolute being monsters in town?"Xu Tian who flies to the half to get empty thinks of Wa emperor Mi record to mediumly jot down one face stunned.
Chapter 64 everywhere didn't measure boundary
Xuan night, four one of the elephant absolute being monsterses, again the Xuan is martial, crack down on the earth spirit luck, not and greatly rob not to be born in, have never thought to unexpectedly hide a body in the world of sea, garrison the center of earth Hong first floor in the Huang world.
See in Marshawn Lynch White Jersey times before the northern night Kun Peng appear, Xu Tian still has a doubt, north although the night is strong mainly Be laid particular emphasis on to the speed and the offensiveness, the body defendoofs ability generally and use to defend a square big world to is dint to have Dai not, three boundaries defendoof the Xuan force of the first to be born, even if come again much outside star different clan estimate blunt don't break Xuan force of guard.
Is a to still want to greatly and falsely copy to float to go out to sea noodles than the Earth all land areas, the half gets empty of Xu Tian completely can not offer a glimpse of an entire content and frighten very and jot down be jot down, forever can not with personally witness to compare.
Slowly the sky knows the elephant Xuan force is this kind of born absolute being monster, a birth have the peak quasi- saint fixs for, be rated as sage under invincible of existence, have never needed a bitterness to fix to living come own in 3,000 major ways to rank depend before of this life big magical power,
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