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Green Tea Research shed's science light on benefits

A hormone called Ghrelin is known as the ‘hunger hormone’ due to the important role it plays in controlling our appetite - when levels of it rise, so too does our hunger. Recent research has discovered this might be the secret behind green tea’s apparently ability to aid weight loss and why it should be the dieter’s drink of choice. 

Reality stars dominate Mum of the Year nominees

The ten final contestants of the 14th annual Celebrity Mum of the Year 2015 have been released. Six of the ten finalists of this year’s competition, hosted by the holiday price comparison website www.icelolly.com, are reality T.V. show mothers.

BBC Good Food Show dates announced for 2015

The BBC Good Food Show will be held this year on 10-12 April at the HIC in Harrogate. At the event, there will be food shows and demonstrations by celebrity chefs and experts.

The definitive road map for al fifty somethings who are struggling with the challenges of middle age

Fight Back at 50 is for anyone in their mid-forties or onwards who feel’s trapped in dead end jobs and miserable relationships, who feel their best years have passed and who are concerned they are on the shelf with just ill health and debt to look forward to.

Three slices of white bread a day linked to obesity

www.gdaguru.com today reports that people who eat three slices of white bread a day are more likely to be overweight or obese, a study has found. 

Light bedrooms 'link to obesity'

www.gdaguru.com today reports that sleeping in a room with too much light has been linked to an increased risk of piling on the pounds, a study shows. 

Most Brits need slimming classes

www.gdaguru.com today reports that controversial NHS guidance suggests two in three people should be offered slimming classes funded by the state. 

Weight loss: NHS backs 'lose a little, keep it off' plans

www.gdaguru.com today reports that new weight loss guidelines for the NHS in England will advise people to "lose a little and keep it off" for life. 

Britain's binge drinking levels are among the highest in the world

www.gdaguru.com today reports that Britain is among the worst countries in the world for binge drinking, according to a new report by the World Health Organisation. 

One in five Britons short of vitamin D

www.gdaguru.com today reports that one in five Britons may be deficient in vitamin D, according to new NHS guidance which says supplements should be given out more freely. 

'Arrogance' of ignoring need for sleep

www.gdaguru.com today reports that society has become "supremely arrogant" in ignoring the importance of sleep, leading researchers have told the BBC's Day of the Body Clock. 

Children of nicotine-addicted parents more likely to become heavy smokers

www.gdaguru.com today reports that the more time a child is exposed to a parent addicted to smoking, the more likely the youth will not only take up cigarettes but also become a heavy smoker. 

Spelt shortage

www.gdaguru.com today reports that soaring demand for spelt and the impact of a poor harvest in 2012 have left some mills unable to supply bakeries. 

UK coeliac disease diagnoses 'up fourfold' over 20 years

www.gdaguru.com today reports that the number of people diagnosed in the UK with coeliac disease has increased fourfold between 1990 and 2011, a study suggests. 

Obese at 25? Get ready to suffer more later

www.gdaguru.com today reports that if you are already obese at age 25 you are likely to be facing a future of serious weight problems after 35, including severe obesity. 
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pomme d'or hotel jersey 1983-1984
Hi Diana, approx. 1983 you filmed in Pomme D'or Hotel in jersey I am seeking a copy if possible as my brother was chosen as a extra How do I obtain a copy please much appreciated...
SOD 70! BBC Radio 4 "TODAY" April 16th 2015
SOD 70! This week I was delighted to be invited as a guest on BBC Radio 4’s morning programme” Today” and  to sit alongside the eminent Sir Muir Gray, one of Britain’s...
Sandy Chalmers 1940 - 2015
 It’s with the deepest sadness that I report the death of my dear friend Sandy Chalmers who passed away last week.  Along with our mutual friend Liz the three of us had enjoyed such ...
              In 2015 age has nothing to do with how we dress so when will retailers realise that whatever our age we women want to dress...
The Institute of Advanced Motorists Jan 2015
At what age should we stop driving?  Is there an age when older people should stop driving?  At what age is one considered to be “an older person”?   I suppose that...
The Festive Season Final Part 4
 This week White Lodge Centre in Chertsey celebrated Christmas with a Nativity Play showcasing the very young children who attend the centre. With the little ones dressed up as Mary, Joseph, as...
The Festive Season Dec 2014 Part 3
   The Salvation Army was at its rousing best for the Annual Carol Service at Virginia Park in Surrey. The Salvation Army has been caring for people in need 365 days of the year for...
The Festive Season Dec 2014 Part 2
The next festive event was a magical evening of Music and Words in aid of The Orpheus Centre held in the magnificent home of Sir Vernon and Lady Ellis in Kensington,...
The Festive Season Dec 2014 Part 1
 Finally the temperature has dropped and now with a chill in the air it feels like the festive season had arrived.  It’s time to celebrate Christmas and the wonderful work of so...
The 25th Anniversary celebration of Look Good Feel Better Nov 2014
I am very proud to have been an Honorary Vice President of the charity Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) for the past 20 years and I send my congratulations to the team on their wonderful work and for...
Breast Cancer Care "The Show" Oct 2014
  October wouldn’t be complete for me without my attending the wonderful Annual Breast Cancer Care fashion show. As an Ambassador for the charity and as a member of the organising...
Life with Osteoporosis
Life with Osteoporosis Oct 2014   This week I had the pleasure of attending the Annual Lecture of The National Osteoporosis Society at the spectacular venue, Two Temple Place on the ...
A day out at Downton Abbey
Sept 2014 Being a huge fan of the BBC TV series Downton Abbey it was interesting to have a day out in the company of good friends visiting the location where the series is filmed.   ...
The Lord's Taverners Reception The City Sept 2014
I am proud to be an ambassador for The Lord’s Taverners charity and this week I attended a reception in the Sky Bar of the Grange St Paul’s Hotel, in the City with its superb view over...
Painters and Musicians in Sweden - Part 2
Tjorn August 2014The Scandanavian artist Lars Lerin has exhibited extensively in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Germany, Norway and the United States – but not ...

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